About MarsArtWorks

MarsArtWorks was started in 1988.  It is the creation of painter and designer Dan Mars.  He has been painting award-winning artworks with a touch of realism for over 30 years.  He has completed hundreds of public and private murals all across the Southern California region, as well as fine art canvas paintings.
    High profile companies such as Shea Homes, Turners Outdoorsman, Orange County Marketplace, and
many other large corporations have commissioned works from MarsArtWorks.
    The mission is simply to paint high quality visuals of a variety of interesting subjects. By doing this each client has been satisfied and "word of mouth" has spread allowing MarsArtWorks to become a successful enterprise.
            MarsArtWorks has an ongoing collection of paintings focusing on some intriquing subjects;
                    Saltwater Shorelines - Things that occur where the ocean meets the land.
                    American Warpaint - A humble, visual "thank you" to our servicemen and women.
                    Castaway Kids -  A mysterious island fantasy with happy shipwrecked children.

                                                           Thank you for visiting.    
                                                                   Dan Mars