MUGSHOTZ are hand-painted artworks of people in fantastic situations. But the faces
                                 are missing? Here's where it gets really fun! We need you to 'pop' your head in where you
                                 then BRING THE PAINTINGS TO LIFE!  So, everyone get your camera phones out and let the fun begin............ 



                        MUGSHOTZ has updated the old-fashioned carnival-type 'photo op stand in's'.  These
                     realistic, hand-painted pictures with You at the center of the action are so much fun!! 

                       MUGSHOTZ are perfect for parties, company picnics, birthdays, grand openings or
                     any festive event. Today, now that every phone has a camera, everyone can have fun
                     and take home many amusing photos of you doing something no one will believe you did.

                        No longer made out of hard, heavy wooden panels, MUGSHOTZ are very simple to use
                    and are SO realistic people won't believe their eyes. They are flexible, vinyl prints that are
                    stretched on lightweight, easy-to-assemble frames that fold away for compact storage.

                       Even the stuffiest person can't resist having some fun with MUGSHOTZ.  Would you
                     like to see people laughing, smiling and taking home whimsical memories from your event?

                      These 'photo op stand in's' come in adult, kid and toddler sizes and are for sale and for rent.
                   Just contact MarsArtWorks and let the laughter and fun begin.........with MUGSHOTZ from Mars
       What are
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